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Moratorium On Foreclosure

There is a moratorium on foreclosure sales in the United States, but not in the literal sense of a moratorium on a ban on foreclosures, but rather a moratorium on the right of a bank to foreclose on a property in default. This means a property owner or bank has a right to foreclose on a property, but has been unable to do so because of the regulations or restrictions that have been put in place.

Foreclosure is a humanitarian crisis that affects many people, but is not one that many people see. The foreclosure crisis is not a single event that is unique to a small number of people. It is a larger part of the economy. It is a general trend that is affecting all people. A moratorium on foreclosure would involve ways to reform the current process and how it is organized. It would not be an answer to end foreclosure but a way to reform the process so that it serves the interests of all people better. The current process is the result of a political and economic agenda that has affected all people and has driven many to desperate lives of struggle.

Late summer is a time of hope for homeowners. While the real estate market is booming, there has been a decrease in foreclosure activity. Is this a good sign? In short, maybe. Unfortunately, back in 2008, we saw a wave of foreclosures and home sales plummet. While this trend has been reversed, there has still been a significant decrease in mortgage lending. While this may be good news for the housing market, it may not be good news for homeowners.


Foreclosure is a common problem homeowners face, which can lead to financial issues. If you are facing foreclosure, there are legal ways of stopping it. Foreclosure coaches  provide valuable resources and information to homeowners who are looking to avoid foreclosure.

The actions announced today will: Extend the foreclosure moratorium for homeowners through June 30, 2021; Extend the mortgage payment forbearance enrollment window until June 30, 2021 for borrowers who wish to request forbearance; Provide up to six months of additional mortgage payment forbearance, in three-month increments, for borrowers who entered forbearance on or before June 30, 2020.

Foreclosure moratorium is the time period, normally lasting from 90 to 180 days, when banks must delay foreclosure proceedings for loans in default.

A moratorium on foreclosure exception is a clause built into some mortgage contracts that provides for certain conditions in order for the lender to force a sale of the property.

The moratorium does not apply in cases where USDA or the servicing lender has documented the property is vacant or abandoned.


The VA foreclosure moratorium was created by the Veterans Legal Protection Act to temporarily suspend foreclosures on homes owned by veterans.

The USDA foreclosure moratorium is a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program provides foreclosure avoidance and mortgage assistance to borrowers of homes and farms that are owned or guaranteed by the USDA.

The Biden Administration’s plan to extend its existing foreclosure moratorium is to extend the current mortgage aid programs.
The administration has already extended the foreclosure moratorium from 9 months in duration to 12 months in duration.

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