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Please note that this is only open to the first 10 ppl who qualifies. 

We want to take time with those 10 ppl to help 

them reach goals as quickly as possible. 

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Free to the First 10 Ppl Only

The six things that happen when you Complete This Course

Gain Understanding

You will learn what exactly is a Bird Dog for Real Estate. How you can benefit from being a Bird Dog for Investors all over the country.

Fixing the mindset

Believe it or not, mindset is the most important piece to your Long Term Entrepreneurial Journey.

Best Leads

You will learn how to find the best leads that will yield you the best ROI.

How to Contact Leads

You will learn Different methods we use in our business to get in contact with our leads.

Get Contracts

You will receive all necessary contracts to make you a successful "Bird Dogger" for Real Estate.

After Getting Under Contract

You will learn how to find buyers that will allow you to assign them your contract in exchange for a fee. (Get EXCITED, this is where you get paid)

Real Estate Bird Dogging course

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen.

Real Estate Investing For Beginners

What is Required of me??? Very simple and easy to do

Complete 10 Questions Survey

We are very selective when choosing the 10 ppl we want to work with for many different reasons. We ask that you complete this survey so that we can determine if you qualify for free access to the course.

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Why wait? Come on and invite a friend who can benefit as well!

Free to the First 10 Ppl Only