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Can you get a mortgage on a foreclosure

Buying a foreclosure can be a stressful process for many reasons–particularly if you have no previous experience buying foreclosures at all. Foreclosure is a word that has become somewhat of a dirty word to the public. The media, in particular, has painted a bleak picture of the financial and legal ramifications of foreclosure and the steps that people must take to avoid them. However, many people are unaware that there are ways to obtain a mortgage on a foreclosure, and if you know the right people, the process can be fairly simple. 

Most people are leery of buying a foreclosure because they are unaware of the value of the home and how to determine the future value of it.  In most cases, you should be cautious of buying a foreclosure.   Factors to look at in evaluating a foreclosure are things such as workmanship, weatherization, cost, and everything else that is important to a home owner purchasing a foreclosure. These are important facts that can have a huge affect on the appraisal report that can have a mortgage denied.

It seems like everyone is trying to sell you an attractive home. “Look at the great deal I’m offering”, they say, “just look at this house, there’s so much space, the basement is huge, the kitchen has all the appliances, the yard is perfect for a pool, and the rooms are nice and big. One way to get a great deal on a foreclosed home is to buy it at auction.

Many people have questions about buying foreclosures, but no one seems to have answers. We’ve tried a lot of different strategies and we’ve found that the best way to find a good deal is by going straight to the source (the home owner). So, we are developing a course for buying preforeclosures. 


The disadvantages include a home’s possible bad condition, the length of the buying process, and competition from professional flippers.

You might worry that buying a foreclosed home comes with a greater risk of ending up with a home that needs tens of thousands of dollars of repair work. Also, the bank tends to negotiate more than a typical seller would.

A foreclosure property is a great way to purchase real estate at a value, and avoid the high costs of regular home purchase. A foreclosure property is the home of a previous homeowner who has defaulted on their mortgage, and the bank has repossessed the home.

Properties that have been foreclosed by owners and sold to third-party investors have a number of advantages for purchasers. The most significant is that the sale is final. The property has been foreclosed, so the title is clean and clear of liens, mortgages and unpaid taxes. Another advantage is the fact that the property is vacant, so an investor can often improve the property at their own discretion.

One strategy for finding the right agent is to visit websites with a database of foreclosed homes in your desired area.

Depending on the type of service you are looking for, the best way to find a foreclosure agent is to visit a or do a search on Google or Yahoo.

An REO property is a real estate property that has been foreclosed on and is now owned by the bank. It stands for Real Estate Owned. An REO property is considered a distressed property by the bank.

The two common ways of buying a foreclosed home are through a real estate agent or through a public auction.


Foreclosure is the legal proceeding which gives the owner’s lender the right to sell the house to recoup or “foreclose” on the loan.

Foreclosure is the process by which a lender takes possession of a home.

A trustee’s sale is a public auction where foreclosure is announced and a bidder is chosen to receive the title of the property.

You can find real estate auction listings online , through real estate agents, in local newspapers and at your local city hall or court.

A pre-foreclosure is a status that is attached to a property whose homeowners have fallen behind on mortgage payments. A pre-foreclosure is not a foreclosure, but rather, it is the first step that is typically taken before a foreclosure takes place. A pre-foreclosure, or short sale , can occur when the homeowner still owns the property and knows there’s a potential for foreclosure.

A short sale is a real estate transaction in which the sale price is less than the amount of the mortgage. Payment of the lender’s mortgage balance is waived in return for the lender’s agreement to end the borrower’s ownership and responsibility for the property. residences for less than what they owe on their mortgage.

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